Entrepreneurial from the Get-Go – Dan Vaubula

Dan Vaubula is from the village of Tubou, Island of Lakeba in the province of Lau. His mum is from the village of Sawana, Island of Vanuabalavu in the province of Lau as well. His traditional role is “Sau ni Vanua” which is translated as the Chief’s advisor/counselor. He has 2 siblings, and is the youngest of 3. Sister in Fiji and a brother in NZ. He was raised in Nadera. His childhood was a lot of fun, grew up in a friendly neighborhood and did a lot of outdoor activities and played various sports with friends on his block :- playing with used tires, spinning tops, marbles, cops and robbers and his personal favorite :- playing rugby in the mud on rainy days.

Dan realized at a pretty young age that drawing and designing things on paper was an innate gift given to him by God. So he wanted to be an architect growing up. Instead he did computer science when in tertiary.

His dad passed away while Dan was in class 7. His dad attended primary school in their village in Lau and went on to attend Queen Victoria School for high school. Having come from humble beginnings to buying a house in Flagstaff in Suva was one of his dads greatest achievements and stands as a source of inspiration to Dan.

After the passing of his dad, his uncle “tutu Sake” stepped in and assumed the role. He vividly remembers how his uncle would take him to their family plantation and scold at him when he was not following the right planting and pruning methods. Instead of giving up on him his uncle would have him do it over and over again until he got the technique down. Dan learnt a valuable lesson from this, :- if at first you don’t succeed, try again and again until you do. This ingrained perseverance , patience and resilience in him, something that is essential for success which is now embedded in the fabric of his character.

Check out Dan’s website : The Bulaboy Club

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